Hardox half-pipe bodies

The steel half skip from Carnehl, the original constructed from HARDOX!

Since its introduction at the IAA 1996 in Hanover, this skip type has evolved into one of our bestsellers and has proved its worth a thousand times over. Although it was first ridiculed, and nicknamed "the bathtub", this skip has since become renowned for its extreme resilience, durability and its excellent tipping qualities. The skip, which is characterised by its special spring suspension principles (the so-called "membrane effect"), the skip gives way when loaded with large boulders, thereby withstanding large loads and counteracting the adherence of critical cargo. Furthermore, the continuous guiding of the skip on the chassis guarantees a low centre and optimal handling qualities..

Our aluminium half skips are available in thicknesses of 4, 5 and 7mm, from an internal height of 1360mm. This corresponds with a load volume of approx. 21m≥ in relation to the standard length of 7.4m.

Aside from this, you can also draw from a variety of designs, dimensions and optional features, selecting the vehicle concept that's tailored to your needs. We also provide specialised light designs and insulated half skips for asphalt transport.

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